Why Selling on the Internet?

10 Oct

The online store can provide an opportunity to expand your business. This is because many Internet users who will be your market share. In Indonesia, there are about 50 million people who use the Internet and growing. Coupled with the development progress in the field of communications, has made the Internet accessible via mobile phones or smartphones are the current trends. Use of the Internet becomes a routine thing for most people each day. They are the prospective buyers you!

In fact, Internet users typically are those that have good economic capabilities so as to have sufficient purchasing power to buy products from your online store. No wonder the online store can generate a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. This is one of the attractions of online business, coupled with various other advantages compared with an offline store.

What are the Advantages Online Store?

Advantages of online stores compared to offline stores, among others:

Cheap capital
Costs may only be cost domains, hosting and website creation services. In fact, this cost could be zero or no cost at all if you use free tools such as Blogspot, WordPress or Multiply. Indonesia website like Tokobagus also offer similar services. In addition, the cost of promotion through Facebook and Twitter to promote their goods and services can also be done in a cost-free.
Low operational costs
No need to rent a stall, store, or place. You can access it from home. Costs that need to be spent on operational activities is the cost of Internet and electricity costs. So also for the cost of employee salaries that can be minimized because it requires only a few employees can even manage your own.
Can operate 24 hours
Candidates can look to buy our merchandise at any time via the Internet.
A very large market share
Can reach the entire world for your online store can be accessed from anywhere. Residents of other countries can also become your customers. And usually they dare to spend more money than buyers of the country.

Planning and Preparation Create a Ripe

While not require big capital, but the necessary preparation and need proper management in order to shop online, you can reach many buyers. Some things to consider in managing the online store:

Show photos of your products as attractive as possible
Usually, the first seen by the visitor is viewing a product. Therefore, make your photo prosuk well. Tata product well before it was photographed, pay attention to lighting and take better angles of your product. If possible, use a camera that will produce good quality photos.
Arrange your online store website in order to facilitate visitors
In order to allow visitors to find desired products, craft your product by category. For example, if an online store selling clothing, you can divide the product by category skirts, pants, shirts, t-shirts, and other categories. For additional information, can also be shown products that became a bestseller, new products, or products that are promos and discounts.
Give a description of the product
Describe your product in detail. For example, include information about fabrics, clothing size or other information if you sell pakaian.Hal is necessary because the buyer can not directly touch or try your product, different from the offline store.
And store information about your self
One that makes people reluctant to transact online is because they do not know the location is clear and very easy to be deceived if not careful. To convince prospective buyers, who can be contacted include name, address, phone number and email address. If possible provide a chat facility. Thus, buyers feel more calm in the deal because he knows where to complain or inquire further if the item purchased has not been received.
If the buyer is satisfied with the products and services you provide, then they can become subscribers and can be an excellent promotional tool for your online store. They can promote to your family or friends so that buyers of your products is increasing. So, give the service or services to the buyer. For example, by prompt delivery or warranty. Do not let a buyer dissatisfaction ruin your business. Respond to complaints from customers if there is no doubt that other buyers.
Do not forget to promote your online store. Many of the successes achieved due diligence manager of online stores to promote its product. Promotion for free or at minimal cost, can be performed using various online media such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can also advertise your products and services in various online media that has a good reputation, according to the type of your product, and visited by many visitors every day. Many online stores succeed because the strength of their promotion.

Knowing that makes the online store can be a source of income and can be made easily, you can try to take advantage of these Internet tools to market your products as well as one additional means of income. But, of course, online stores must be managed well in order to benefit.

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